Three Easy and Delicious Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated in December around the time of Christmas. It is a festival lasting eight days and a candle on the menorah is lit each night. Part of the celebration is also eating traditional Jewish fare. Here are three recipes that would be served during the Festival of Lights.

Hanukkah celebrates the eight days that the sacred oil lamp in the temple burned after the Jewish people regained control of Jerusalem. The miracle here was that there was only enough oil for one night of light available. A messenger was sent for more oil but the sacred lamp stayed lit until his return eight days later.

Each day of that miracle is commemorated with food and festivity. If you are celebrating the Jewish holiday or Hanukkah, here are some of the recipes that you would make. One thing to remember is that Jewish food is to be kosher. This means that the ingredients of the meal all conform to the official Jewish dietary laws.

1. Potato Latkes

You have probably heard of these before but maybe didn’t know what exactly they were. Potato latkes are potato pancakes. These pancakes remind one more of hash browns than the traditional pancake. They are made with grated potatoes and onions, salt, pepper, flour and baking powder and an egg. The mixture is combined. The egg is used to hold everything together.

Formed latkes are only about the size and shape of a large serving spoon and are placed in hot oil to cook. They are served with home-made applesauce, sugar or sour cream on top. There are many variations on the theme of potato latkes so you can prepare one that meets your tastes.

2. Jelly-filled Donuts

These are traditionally called sufganiyot. They are made with flour, sugar, dry yeast, salt, nutmeg, water, egg and milk. The dry ingredients are mixed together. Water and milk are heated to activate the yeast and added to the dry mixture.

Dough is rolled and cut into round pieces. A drop of jam or jelly is placed in the center of a round and covered by another. The dough is allowed to rise until the size doubles. Now you are ready to fry them in hot peanut oil for a tasty treat. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar before serving.

3. Applesauce

If you are making potato latkes there is no reason why you can’t also make your own applesauce. It’s simple. Take about four or five apples; peel, core and slice them. Combine with lemon juice (prevents browning) and brown sugar.

You can simmer it on the stove or in a crock pot. As the apples soften, use a potato masher to get the consistency that you want. Traditionally, the apple peel is left on which gives the applesauce a reddish tint. Once it is done, sprinkle with cinnamon.


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